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Orientation Day

It was the 9th of December when I arrived at Coburg Junior High School with James. After getting my name and class that I was in for the day I went and sat down while the principal told us about the day ahead. I was in the delta group. We started by doing Bingo then moved onto some getting to know you games.  Next we did some Orienteering where we had to navigate the school and come up with a word, the word in the end was Investigating.

Then it was recess, after recess we did Science. In science class I made Slime, it was so slimy and disgusting. Next I had Geography, we had to put a sticky note on a place where we had been. When I did my own  for Hawaii it wasn’t even on the map.  After that I had maths where the block master had made perfect squares and rectangles, but the block destroyer had destroyed them. So we had to rebuild them, We couldn’t rebuild the square but we could build the rectangle.  Next it was Lunch time.

After Lunch I had English we made list poems with things like “10 things your teacher would never say” I did things like “Lets have Pizza”, “Bring your Phone” and  “You can go Home It was really fun and I enjoyed it. Next I had PE we did lots of things like skipping, Modified Push-Ups, Bouncing a tennis ball on a racket, Squats and Throwing a tennis ball at a target. I did Throwing a tennis ball at a target, Squats, Bouncing a tennis ball on a racket and Modified Push-Ups. I did 64 squats and 41 push-ups, I failed badly at the bouncing a ball on a tennis racket. Once the bell went I went to the main office to collect my mac book air. It took forever to get it and when I finally got it they had to take a picture of me with it as proof that I received it. When I got home I set it up and played on it for a while. It was a great experience and I cant wait for next year.

100WC #12

He was startled to find a young boy. “What the…” Lord Nulth started, but he was cut off. The boy began to plead for mercy, and cry about what had happened to the world. Lord Nulth did nothing but looked down on the boy. When the boy had finished, something started to rise from his ears. It was like steam. A silence filled the room, and then something strange happened. Instead of steam, colours, strange creatures, different inventions and rainbows spilled out. “NO!” Cried the Lord. It was in fact… Imagination. The boy started to smile, and everything was well.

BTN: Bloopers

In this video, there are lots of funny out  takes that have happened during this series of BTN. Usually, the bloopers are funny and weren’t meant to happen. Some other videos that I have watched have the bloopers at the end, and they are entertaining. The bloopers in this video mainly included people forgetting their lines, messing up or laughing mid sentence.

I think that there won’t be any more episodes from BTN because usually you leave the bloopers till last. I understand that because there is also a quiz that it called the super quiz, that will test what you have learnt over the year from BTN.

One question I still have is: what are the answers to the quiz?

100WC #14

I sat on the beach, watching things go by. The waves lapping the shore, the sound of splashing as people waded into the water. There was one thing, however, that had caught my eye. It looked strangely out of place on this hot summers’ day. Nobody else seemed to notice the massive rusted ship’s hulk surfaced on the beach, but they all seemed to avoid it. Up until now, I hadn’t seen it, either. I pulled myself off the sand and started to walk over, curious about what it was. And then, suddenly as I’d noticed it, it was gone…

100 WC#10

Many years ago, there was a castle, with grand turrets and mighty stone. I lived in one of the houses in the small village around it. I was young back then, and was adjusting to my surroundings. But that was a long time ago, and now, after the people came and overtook us, surrounding the castle there are new houses, and the village has gone. The castle is dying. Never again will we have our pride, only our sorrow. Every day I walk past it to my cottage in the forest. I look back at the castles past glory. “Remember…”I whisper.